Congratulations Grace!

Congratulations to Grace Riddell who won the Best Presenter Award April 27 at this year’s Regenerative Medicine Symposium: Uncovering New Pathways to Promote Regeneration, for her presentation on “Examining the Effect of Supra-Physiological Insulin in an In Vitro Human Insulin Infusion Cannula Host Response Model.” See more about Grace and her research at Smith Engineering…

WBC2016 Legacy Travel Award

Congratulations to Yuxi Zhang (PhD student) for being awarded one of the WBC2016 Legacy Travel Awards for top abstracts. Yuxi will be presenting her PhD research on “Effects of exogenous insulin on macrophage survival and pro-inflammatory signaling” at the 37th Annual Meeting of the Canadian Biomaterials Society in Banff, Alberta. Thank you to the CBS 2022 Program Committee for your support.

The Fitzpatrick Lab is going to the 37th Canadian Biomaterials Society Annual Meeting!

Congratulations to Yuxi Zhang (PhD student) and Anuj Kaushal (MASc) on having your abstracts selected for oral presentations. Yuxi will be presenting her PhD research on “Effects of exogenous insulin on macrophage survival and pro-inflammatory signaling”. Anuj will be presenting his research “Examining The Proinflammatory and Profibrotic Effects of Adsorbed Damage-Associated-Molecular-Patterns and Toll-Like Receptor 2-Dependent Signaling in…

Congratulations to Anuj Kaushal!

Congratulations to Anuj Kaushal on successfully defending and submitting his MASc Thesis, entitled “Toll-like receptor 2 and the early chronic inflammatory and fibrotic macrophage response to adsorbed damage associated molecular patterns”. Well done, Anuj, and best wishes for a bright future!

Fitzpatrick Lab publishes in JoVE

Laura McKiel’s article, A Macrophage Reporter Cell Assay to Examine Toll-Like Receptor-Mediated NF-kB/AP-1 Signaling on Adsorbed Protein Layers on Polymeric Surfaces, has been published in JoVE! Click the link below to view. Well done, Laura!!

Congratulations Ali!

Congratulations to the new Master of Applied Science, Ali Motahhari. Ali successfully defended his thesis titled DEVELOPMENT OF A SCREENING PLATFORM FOR ANGIOGENIC DRUG DELIVERY SYSTEMS USING ZEBRAFISH EMBRYOS this month! Best of luck in your future endeavours, Ali!!

World Biomaterials Congress 2016

The World Biomaterials Congress (WBC) took place May 17-22 2016 in Montréal, Québec. The conference had over 4000 delegates from 60 different countries. There were 2000 poster presentations and 1200 oral presentations. Highlights included a plenary session by David Mooney about anti-cancer vaccines using biomaterials, moose calls, and the congress party. Presentations: Jeremy Antonyshyn (Poster):…